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Layer 37-38: tTest/bTest

At the end of fabrication (creating your bare board) and assembly (stuffing parts on your bare board), your PCB will then be fully tested for any short circuits. This is where these two layers play their role by providing dedicated test points on both the top and bottom of your PCB for bare board testing or ICT (In-Circuit Test) equipment.

Autodesk EAGLE comes with some included test pads in its free libraries that you can use to quickly place on your board. Search for “test” in the Add dialog in EAGLE, then look for the testpad category. You’ll find a variety of test points you can add for through-hole and surface mount components.

Лицензионная модель

Начиная с версии EAGLE 8.0.0, существуют выпуски Premium, Standard, Free и Student & Educator, причем версии Standard и Premium продаются по ежемесячной или годовой подписке, при этом требуется повторная активация через Интернет не реже, чем каждые 14 дней (30 дней с версии 9.0). ).

В январе 2020 года EAGLE 9.5.2 был прекращен как отдельный продукт и предоставляется пользователям только в качестве связанного элемента с подпиской на Autodesk Fusion 360 .

Сравнение функций различных доступных редакций:

Версия Схемы листов Слои Размер печатной платы Использовать Стоимость / мес. Стоимость / год
Премиум 999 16 4 м² Любой 65 долларов США 510 долл. США
Студент и педагог 999 16 4 м² Только для студентов и преподавателей Бесплатно Бесплатно
Стандарт 99 4 160 см² Любой 15 долларов США 100 долларов США
Бесплатно 2 2 80 см² Только для индивидуального некоммерческого использования Бесплатно Бесплатно

Для сравнения, прежняя (более недоступная) схема бессрочного лицензирования для EAGLE 7.xx со стоимостью, относящейся к ценам 2016 года для однопользовательской лицензии:

Версия Схемы листов Слои Размер печатной платы Использовать Стоимость («LS» без автотрассировщика) Стоимость (с автотрассировщиком)
Окончательный (LS) 999 16 4 м² Любой 1145 долларов США 1640 долларов США, 1385 евро
Премиум (LS) 99 6 160 × 100 мм² Любой 575 долларов США 820 евро, 690 евро
Производитель 99 6 160 × 100 мм² Только для индивидуального некоммерческого использования N / A 169 долларов США, 140 евро
Образовательные 99 6 160 × 100 мм² Только для некоммерческих студентов и преподавателей N / A Бесплатно
Стандарт 2 2 100 × 80 мм² Любой N / A 69, 62 евро
выражать 2 2 100 × 80 мм² Только для индивидуального некоммерческого использования N / A Бесплатно

CadSoft Eagle Pro 9.6.2 Crack With License Code 2021 Free Download

A CadSoft Eagle Pro 9.6.2 Crack is a fantastic tool. This application also appears to function as a PCB design tool of preference for hose countless engineers throughout the whole planet. This application is ready with the necessary tools and also an intensive toolbox, with this, due to that it could organize reasoning diagrams of PCBs. When you creating the PCBs m then you will have the ability to check on the qualities of alarms and also get trail spans. CadSoft Eagle Pro Crack is great and lets you learn the resources and also start designing. With this application, you can easily utilize the sorts of parts offered in this catalog, together with particular dimensioning. This program is constructed for creating printed circuits boards. CadSoft Eagle Pro 9.6.2 Crack Mac has a simple layout that gives the users the chance to make a new project. This board editor is comes packaged with a large selection of dedicated tools. These items or contents pick from several parts that may be the working atmosphere. This application also includes a path function for altering connections into routed cables.

Key features of CadSoft Eagle Pro Crack:

  • In this program, you make sure your boards are prepared for contracts.
  • It has lively user forums which can also help to solve layout problems and give advice.
  • This software also permits up to 999 sheets to encourage complicated designs that many designers might like to use.
  • It has multi-sheet choice schematics.
  • This application also brings your layouts to life with intuitive PCB design tools.
  • It has the ability to check the electric principle.
  • This software can also reduce concerns about parts availability.
  • It has modular layout cubes.
  • This software, unite your PCB and enclosure effortlessly.
  • This software has routine internet training and also free assistance through dedicated specialists.
  • The user guide available for downloading or reachable from the application.
  • CadSoft Eagle Pro 2021 Crack is to utilize a one-stop store for reviewing your part requirements.
  • The generation of professional PCB layouts.
  • It has the ability of PCB design software for each engineer.
  • This program also allows exporting IDF of the circuit board.
  • This application also includes a specific capacity of doing a design rule check to make sure that all of the connections are correctly created.
  • The EDA program powered by a schematic capture editor and PCB design editor.
  • The new select, group, and also edit your design from your ideas.
  • The speed through complex board layouts together with modern PCB routing tools.
  • It is similarly fast reusing bus-circuits that remain synchronized between schematics and also PCB.

More about CadSoft Eagle Pro Crack

CadSoft Eagle Pro 2021 Crack is fantastic software. This application is also constructed for creating printed circuit boards. This software has a simple layout that gives users a selection of dedicated tools. CadSoft Eagle Pro Crack Mac can also set thermal isolation masks and parameters. The skullcap has also received the tools that are required within an intensive toolbox. It is easy and quick to put together PCB logic diagrams. This application also enables users to proceed, copy or also eliminate the chosen providers and also products, set clipboard content, select from several elements that will be set in the functioning environment and utilize the path function for changing links into touted cables.

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System requirements:

Operating system:  windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and XP.

RAM: 2 GB ram is required

Hard disk space: 6 GB of space is required

Screen display: 1024×786 screen display

Processor: 2 GHz or high processor

Author review:

CadSoft Eagle Pro Crack is incredibly fast than almost any cad application. In this program, you can use this to get something out of the class. The new storage space is a considerable number of designs for the electric devices, as well as a fairly general micro-controller.

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CadSoft Eagle Pro 9.6.2 Crack is the PCB design tool that millions of engineers around the world prefer. Also, view the wide variety of user language programs and view which additional functions are also available with the eagle version. This application is very easy to use with an intuitive interface.


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CadSoft Eagle

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Software Name CadSoft Eagle
Software Name PC/MAC
Software Category CAD

Cas real: llibreria AY-3-8910

el package ja el tinc en la llibreria Microchip, és un DIL40

At this point if you want to copy another package from an alternate library you can
use the copy command with the following syntax in the command window. Per tant, en la caixa per executar comandes:

copy packagename@libraryname 

copy DIL40@microchip

i funciona, apareix el DIL40

Step12: Name pads

Fiquem els noms dels pins segons ens diu el data sheet:

Type name in the comand window, and double click on each pad. A dialog box will appear and simply type in the new name.

Step 14: Building the Symbol

Creem el símbol AY38910. El symbol el faig des de 0:

Use the wire tool to draw a box that will represent the symbol on the schematic. By default you will be drawing on the symbol layer. Double check to make sure by looking in the upper left corner after the wire tool is selected. The layer drop down menu should have "94 Symbols" selected.

Once the box is drawn, type "pin" in the command window, and start placing the 32 pins evenly around the box.7

Type name in the command window and double click on the pin to remain

By default the name on the pin and the symbol will show up in the device. This makes for a very cluttered look. Click on the "change" button and select "visable" from the drop down menu, and then select "Pin". Then click on every pin. It will not be obvious what you are doing but trust me the final design will be easier to use.

no ha funcionat fer-ho així: copy PIC18F4455_44QFN@microchip

Step 18: Make the device
In this step the association between the symbol and the package is made. Click on the devcie icon, add the name of your device.

In the lower right hand corner click on the new button and select the package. Your package will show up in the upper right pane.

On the left vertical tool bar click on the symbol icon, and place your symbol in the left pane.

Quan acabo de fer totes les connexions desapareix el símbol de l’admiració.

Save i ja està, ja podem utilitzar la llibreria AY38910. Recordem que per utilitzar la llibreria hauré de fer Library > Update All (i potser Use Library i cercar la llibreria Ay38910).

llibreria AY38910:

История создания и состав

История создания группы берет свое начало в 1971 году, когда 4 музыканта, иммигрировавших в Лос-Анджелес из других частей страны, объединились для создания нового музыкального коллектива.

Басист Рэнди Майснер

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Певец, гитарист, мандолинист и банджист Берни Лидон (родился в Миннеаполисе, штат Миннесота, 19 июня 1947 года) прибыл в Калифорнию в 1967-м как член группы «Hearts and Flowers». Позже присоединился к «Dillard & Clark», а затем к «Flying Burrito Brothers».

Гитарист Берни Лидон

Певец и барабанщик Дон Хенли (родился в городе Гилмер штата Техас 22 июля 1947 года) переехал в Лос-Анджелес в июне 1970 года со своей группой «Shiloh», которая перед распадом выпустила один одноименный альбом для Amos Records.

Вокалист и барабанщик Дон Хенли

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CadSoft Eagle 9.6.2 Crack & Serial Key Full Free Download 2021

CadSoft Eagle 9.6.2 Crack can work on Windows, Linux, Mac, OSX, OS/2, and DOS. Its platform is 64 bit X86. It provides you with four languages. EAGLE contains a symbolic and simplified changer for creating circuit diagrams. Schematics are accumulated with SCH enlargement, parts are explained in device libraries with LBR enlargement. Parts can be put on multiple sheets and connected continuously through the harbor. It offers you back explanation of diagram to schematic and auto routing to direct established ways based on the connections described in the schematic. Eagle offers you textual and video tutorials for the starting users to chart theirs on PCBs. It contains interactions update, icons, color difference options, and effective features. Autodesk is an excellent software for time-saving.

EAGLE is a handwriting electronic design auto mission (EDA) software with the symbol and simplified capture printed circuit arrangement and computer-aided manufacturing qualities. It also stands for easily applicable graphical layout editor and is originated by cad soft computer GMBH. The company was received by auto disk Inc.

CadSoft Eagle Crack Full Features:

  • It always provides you the updates of learning material, latest announcements, and seminars conducted over the internet.
  • Furthermore, Eagle gives you many graphical user interfaces and menu system for changing, speculation arrangement, and to modify the interaction and design parameters.
  • It contains single-click schematic wiring. By clicking on any surrounded boundary, you can get a sum of lines and arcs into the polygon.
  • Even more, you can choose a polygon to produce an outline from it.
  • CadSoft Eagle Torrent interface facelift again performed with EAGLE control panel with noteworthy information and preview tabs.
  • It also helps you to define design files to make effective and practical use of an EAGLE special object generated programming languages.
  • PCB layout software for every engineer
  • Modular design blocks
  • Multi-sheet option schematics
  • Bring your design to life with intuitive PCB layout tools
  • Unite your PCB and enclosure seamlessly.
  • Check Electrical rule
  • Reduce worries about parts availability.
  • Real-time amazing design synchronization
  • Intuitive alignment tools
  • Obstacle avoidance routing
  • Full High-speed design
  • Skip your busy work and get creative, with ready-to-use part libraries.
  • Ensure your boards are ready to build.
  • Option for User: Use a one-stop shop for reviewing your component needs.


  1. As a result, auto desk EAGLE is a strong software for professional design.
  2. It allows you to search for videos, webinars, support, and others.
  3. This software is so easy to understand, with excellent standard designs.

Uses of Eagle:

  • To put a wire, signal name, and a title, easily design a name and click on any pin. Entering a new name in a command line and striking input will change the name of a title, then persistence to single click pins to establish your chart awesomely.
  • Using auto desk EAGLE’s effective features you are eligible to make fascinating opportunities to change ways to polygons, or polygons to tracks.

What’s New in CadSoft EAGLE?

The latest released version is.

  • This version offers the choice to identify a name, then click on a pin and have the wire, name, and label all attached to it.
  • The important part is that you righteous jump around from pin to pin within a click to put your net names containing sequence buses.
  • Speed through complex board layouts with modern PCB routing tools.
  • Quickly reuse subcircuits that remain synchronized between schematic and PCB.
  • Save your time with ball grid arrays (BGA) in seconds, not hours.
  • New! Select, group, and edit your design, your way.
  • Fast-track your designs to your mechanical tool.
  • Generate your CAM outputs within a short time as like a single click.
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How to Use Eagle Cracked?

  1. First of all download a CadSoft Eagle Torrent file
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  3. here you install the software
  4. After that Copy the Exe file and replace it with original
  5. Restart this software
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Layer 27-28: tValues/bValues

Again as the name suggests, these two layers contain the specific values for every component on your board. For example, a resistor will have its specific resistance listed, maybe as 10K. Or for a capacitor, you’ll see the capacitance listed, maybe as 0.1uF.

Many designers choose not to include this layer on their physical PCB, opting instead to have a Bill of Materials (BOM) that they can reference by looking up the reference designator of a particular component. However, if you’re planning to design a PCB for a kit or hand-assembled board, then it’s super helpful to list both the component names and values on your PCB. This will make the assembly process a lot easier to digest.

Gotta Catch Em’ All

There you go, every single layer in Autodesk EAGLE, and what you need to know about them! Keeping track of all these layers might seem overwhelming at first, but as you dig into the intricacies of PCB design, you’ll see just how handy it can be to have this information available. Of course, we also can’t forget just how much of the data in your layers are going to be shipped off to manufacturing. We’re talking about things like the dimension of your board, copper pour areas, silkscreen, reference designators, and a whole lot more.

Need more signal layers than the free 2? Buy an EAGLE Premium Subscription today to unlock all 16 signal layers!

Layer 2-15: Route

If you don’t see these layers listed in your Visible Layers dialog. 2-15 are reserved for those with a Premium EAGLE Subscription and offer a ton of inner layers to route on for multilayer PCBs. To use these layers for Premium Subscribers, you’ll need to modify your layer stackup via Tools » DRC » Layers tab.

If you’re planning to design a multilayer PCB then how your top/bottom and middle layers are organized will be slightly different than you’d expect. For example, creating a 4 layer board won’t just use layers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Rather, EAGLE will use Layer 1 (top), 2, 15, and 16 (bottom) to bring it all together.

Recommendations from Eagle for File Locations

The default location for libraries which are created when installing Eagle, can be found when clicking on Options→Directories. On OSX, this is in $EAGLEDIR/lbr, where $EAGLEDIR represents the application installation directory from Eagle. Eagle recommends to keep this directory unchanged, as software updates may overwrite files in this folder.
Your own libraries should therefore be at another location. A suitable one would be in a subfolder within your Eagle projects folder like the following structure:

  • $Home/Backup/eagle/
    • eagle_custom_libraries
      • dev_mylibrary1
      • dev_mylibrary2
    • eagle_projects
      • Arduino
      • PowerSupply
      • etc.

In order to make Eagle aware of the main custom libraries folder, just add the directory in Options→Directories. Any subfolders within this folder will be automatically used as well. For example:


While configuring the libraries folder, one could do something similar for the projects folder:


If none of the libraries appear when adding a part, verify in the control panel at Libraries if the default libraries are enabled. To do this, in the control panel right click on a library and if not enabled, select Use.

Libraries within Eagle

In the Control Panel within Eagle, library folders contain files with IC manufacturers, group of generic components or group of specific symbols (Like ground, power supply and drawing frames). Eagle treats each of these files as a library, containing devices or device sets. If a library is available in Eagle and opened one will observe that a selected device or device set has primarily three entities:

  • Device: The real component, residing in a specific package with a specific symbol.
  • Package: Footprint in the layout
  • Symbol: Drawing in the schematic

Each of these entities characterize a specific aspect of a component or component breed. The image below shows a selected library with the 555 timer IC component breed (Or in the Eagle jargon called device set).

Library example with the 555 timer IC, residing in the library
from linear and is defined in eight different devices, each
having different characteristics

Cadsoft EAGLE Crack

The user interface is very user-friendly. You’ll easily access all the tools quickly. This tool is automatically built for the Mac & Win both Operating systems at the same time. Due to the fast Era, users need some tools like works faster than their old time. They all give the quality output; it fulfills your needs to design a printed circuit design or other professional work.

It is easy & fast to place together PCB logic diagrams. When creating PCB circuits, it’s possible to check the actual way that signs the method size. You all will save the PCB in SCH, BMP, PNG, PBM, PGM, PPM, SPAT, XBM, XPM, CSV, CODE, & TXT files. Plus, it permits users to go, copy or erase the selected services & products, place Clipboard content, pick from various components that’ll be put in the working surroundings, and use the trail function for transforming connections into routed cables.

The new storage space is a significant number of electronic device designs and quite a common micro-control; this is reasonably easier for you to create a PCB design. For over 25 years, Cadsoft Eagle happens to be the PCB design tool of preference for millions of engineers worldwide.

Real-time design synchronization

All changes stay automatically in sync between the schematic and layout so that users can focus on the creative process.

Schematic editor

  • Modular design blocks
  • Multi sheet schematics
  • Electrical rule checking
  • Real-time design synchronization
  • Easy-to-use schematic editor

PCB layout editor

  • New routing engine
  • BGA fanout
  • Simplified selection and editing
  • Assembly variants
  • High-speed design
  • Design rule checking
  • Powerful PCB layout

What’s New?

  • They fixed the crash that could occur when deleting net classes.
  • Sometimes it happened that an issue stopped Fusion Sync from working with custom 3D Packages.
  • Import/export simulation expression (without package).
  • And parts that can be also incorporate your schema with precision.
  • Minimizes redesign and shortens design time.
  • And also the buying price of all the bills and materials is shown.
  • A simulation tool for signal integrity analysis.
  • Play and display in 3D EAGLE model, and more.
  • Fixed issue that lost the link to Fusion Sync after an EAGLE restart.
  • They’ve fixed a problem where the REROUTE command sometimes left routes ripped up.

System Requirements

  • CPU: 2 GHz multi-core processor
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • HDD Space: 6 GB Hard disk space
  • Display: 1024 x 768 Screen display
  • GPU: OpenGL 2.0: 512 MB VRAM

How to Download, Install, and Use?

  • First, Download the Cadsoft EAGLE Crack from the below link or button.
  • After that, install it, run it.
  • Then, use the crack for the activation course.
  • Finally, Done. Enjoy!
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Существует большая группа текстовых и видеоуроков для начинающих по разработке собственных печатных плат.

Сайт DIY- электроники SparkFun использует EAGLE и выпускает файлы EAGLE для плат собственной разработки. SparkFun Electronics — компания, которая выросла благодаря рынку для любителей, примером которого является журнал Make и другие. Многие из этих компаний предлагают библиотеки деталей EAGLE, которые определяют схематические формы, выводы и размеры деталей, чтобы обеспечить правильную компоновку в редакторе компоновки печатных плат.

Другие популярные библиотеки включают Adafruit , Arduino , SnapEDA и Dangerous Prototypes, element14 (дочерняя компания Farnell, бывших владельцев CadSoft) также имеет некоторые библиотеки, доступные на их сайте.

Использование ULPs для преобразования EAGLE .brd файлов в SPECCTRA совместимого дизайн файлы (с расширением файла .dsn) можно экспорт конструкций для использования в сочетании с передовыми внешними autorouters , такими как KONEKT ELECTRA , Eremex TopoR или Альфонсом WIRTZ в FreeRouting . Для дальнейшей доработки готовые дизайны в формате сеанса могут быть импортированы обратно в EAGLE через конвертеры файлов скриптов .SES в .SCR.

Layer 21-22: tPlace/bPlace

These two layers contain both the top and bottom silkscreen on your PCB, and also component outlines to show the positioning of parts. You need to be careful when using this layer not to place silkscreen on any soldered areas. Otherwise, you could risk creating a short on your board or creating a unsolderable pad.

As an alternative to these layers, consider placing additional silkscreen on Layer 51: tDocu for your own personal reference. This layer won’t be included in your manufacturing data or printed on your PCB so that you can include a lot more details. However, if you want to add any kind of additional artwork outside of regular silkscreen, like text or logos, then Layer 21-22 is the place to do it.